We stand by 4 core values:

Diversity & Inclusion

Ceylon exists to bring effective skincare to men of color. In service of that goal, we must always seek to stay true to this purpose throughout the development of our products, advertisements, and in the way we interact with the world. We seek to build an inclusive culture around self-care and men’s health.

Customers First

We exist to serve our customers first and foremost. We pledge to make sure that our customers feel welcomed, heard, and included. Every decision we make is made with our loyal customers in mind.

Speaking Truth

We pledge to remain honest and impartial when discussing men’s health issues. We do not accept any paid editorial content that conflicts with our values, beliefs, and the wellbeing of our community. 


We promise to remain transparent to our customers, sharing our journey along the way. We will always be available by email and through social media, being responsive to any and all feedback.