Our Story

-Blake and Patrick, Co-Founders of Ceylon


“We are firmly committed to building an inclusive culture around men’s health and wellness. We believe that Ceylon is a necessary bridge between men of color and improved skin health.”


After difficult personal experiences taking care of their skin, Blake and Patrick created Ceylon as a way to give men of color skincare appropriate for their basic needs.

While in high school, Blake was a three-sport athlete. The rigorous schedule and constant sweating made it difficult to keep his skin clear. He began using an over-the-counter skincare product recommended by his dermatologist to help combat acne. Over time, he discovered that while the products made his skin relatively clear, they also ended up bleaching his skin leaving him with a pale, washed-out complexion. It took many months for his skin to recover and achieve its natural color again. 

Three years ago, Patrick moved to Mainland China for a job working with the U.S. State Department. Due to the stressful environment in a big, bustling city as well as the extensive air and water pollution Patrick had difficulty keeping his skin clear and healthy. Patrick had daily breakouts and routine acne scarring. Despite trying hundreds of products, nothing seemed to help clear up his skin.

Blake and Patrick both discovered that no products specifically catered to men with melanin in their skin or with different ethnic backgrounds. Worse yet, many products on the market contained harmful substances that would bleach the skin or leave it dry and unprotected from the elements. Frustrated with the lack of options for men of color on the market, the two set out to build a company dedicated to providing the best possible skincare basics for men of color.