Our Story

 "At Ceylon, our mission is to create accessible, easy-to-use products, specifically formulated to help men of color achieve the best possible skin."

-Patrick Boateng II, Founder, Ceylon by Anim Labs

After struggling with acne, razor bumps, hyper-pigmentation, and other chronic skin problems, Patrick created Ceylon as a way to give guys like him great skincare products suitable for their basic needs. Years ago, Patrick moved to Mainland China for a job working with the U.S. State Department. Due to the stressful environment in a big, bustling city as well as the extensive air and water pollution, Patrick had difficulty keeping his skin clear and healthy. He experienced daily breakouts and routine acne scarring. Despite trying hundreds of products, nothing seemed to help clear up his skin. Patrick discovered that no products specifically catered to men with melanin in their skin or with different ethnic backgrounds. Worse yet, many products on the market contained harmful substances that would bleach the skin or leave it dry and unprotected from the elements. Frustrated with the lack of options for men of color on the market, he set out to build a company dedicated to providing the best possible skincare products for men of color worldwide.

So why the name Ceylon?

Ceylon Tea, otherwise known as Black Tea, is one of the original ingredients in our formulations, included for its antioxidant properties and known for its ability to aid skin healing and reduce the impact of sun damage. Our manufacturer sourced this natural ingredient directly from suppliers in Sri Lanka, the country that originally exported it and made it globally famous. Sri Lanka is an incredibly diverse country with a remarkable history and culture. It means a lot to us to be able to incorporate one of its major exports into our original product. Some see Ceylon being a negative reference to the colonial era in Sri Lanka, so in borrowing it we hope to shift the narrative and be part of a new legacy. We have the utmost respect for this key ingredient and the critical role it has played in our ability to develop the best possible formulations for pigmented skin.