Why Ceylon Works

Ceylon is a skincare brand developed to address the skin concerns that men of color face. 

Ceylon is a brand created to address the dermatological needs of men of color. So, what sorts of problems do men of color face when it comes to their skin? 

  • Many products available contain bleaching and whitening agents meant to lighten skin, ultimately contributing to long-term and even permanent health problems.

  • Men of color disproportionately experience environmental pollution, which harms the skin and makes it susceptible to premature aging, discoloration, and increased sensitivity.

  • Certain popular products marketed towards men of color have ingredients known to be associated with cancer and birth defects.

From concept to formulation, we work to ensure that our products will include ingredients that are proven to address the specific skin concerns that men of color face safely and effectively.

We believe the ideal skincare routine starts with 3 steps:

Wash, Tone, Moisturize.

The first step is focused on removing the surface layer of impurities that accumulate on the face over time. These impurities include dirt, sweat, oil, air pollutants and other materials that build up to clog pores contributing to acne, dryness, irritation, and early signs of aging. Ceylon’s Detoxifying Facial Wash is formulated to gently cleanse the skin without leaving it dry or oily.

The second step involves using a facial toner to complete cleansing. Most skincare products for men on the market do not include toner in their basic packages. Toner removes leftover dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the skin's surface while rebalancing it's pH to prepare for the application of moisturizers. Ceylon’s Hydrating Toner works to achieve this balance while giving the skin a small boost of hydration. Each time you use a facial cleanser, it is important to follow with a toner to get the maximum benefit from the cleansing routine.  

The third and final step is the application of moisturizer, which provides nourishment to the skin and prevents drying out as the skin self-repairs. Ceylon’s Clarifying Moisturizer is formulated specifically to help deal with skin clarity, working to help you achieve a natural, even skin tone over time without irritation.

In addition to formulating the right ingredients in each product, we look to include key ingredients at levels found to be suitable for the vast majority of skin types. We work in consultation with our dermatological advising team to achieve balanced and effective formulations resulting in improved skin health outcomes.